Sector-specific opportunities in Brazil

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Aerospace sector

The Brazilian Aerospace Industry is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. There are opportunities for UK companies in the following areas:

  • supply chain and partnerships

  • composites and metallic structures

  • automation technology

  • connectivity

  • maintenance, repair and operations

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Automotive sector

Brazil is the seventh largest producer of vehicles in the world. Brazilian manufacturers invested US $11.2 billion in the market between 2010 and 2012. The automotive sector also attracts massive overseas investments.

The main opportunities in the sector are:

  • low carbon technologies

  • engineering services, such as software and consultancy

  • lightweight components and advanced materials

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Creative Industries sector

Boosting the creative industries sector is a priority for the Brazilian government. Recent studies showed that creative industries account for 16.4% percent of Brazil’s GDP.

Opportunities in the sector are available for the following sub-sectors:

  • architecture

  • music

  • film

  • computer games

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Education sector

Educational attainment is low in Brazil. It is 57th in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s ranking. The Brazilian government is planning on investing 10% of GDP on education by 2020, the highest rate of any country in the world.

There will be many opportunities for UK companies in:

  • English Language Teaching (ELT)

  • vocational education

  • higher education

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Energy sector

Brazil is the largest energy market in South America and has the second largest oil reserves in Latin America. Petrobras plans to invest US $220.6 billion by 2018. The International Oil Companies (IOC) is investing an extra US $50 billion over the next two years.

Wind Turbine/Solar PanelBrazil is particularly interested in the UK’s expertise in the following areas:

  • bringing challenging oil and gas projects to completion

  • offshore equipment and services

  • pipeline and seabed surveys

  • inspection, repair and maintenance

Contact Sector Manager for more information on the oil & gas sector. Contact for more information on renewable energy.


Healthcare sector

Brazil is the major Life Sciences and healthcare hub in Latin America. It has grown by 35% over the past three years. It is the largest pharmaceutical market in Latin American, worth £13.8 billion. £20 billion will be invested in programmes and the Unified Health System (SUS), Brazil’s equivalent of the NHS.

There are opportunities for UK companies in:

  • research and design

  • pharmaceuticals

  • designing, building and managing hospitals

Contact Sector Manager for more information on the healthcare sector.


Sports Infrastructure sector

Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup and will host the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. UKTI Brazil aims to support UK companies for at least £250 million worth of contracts.

Companies with experience in the 2012 Games have a unique selling point in the Brazilian market.

Contact Sector Manager for more information on the sports infrastructure sector.


Marine sector

The leisure marine and shipbuilding sectors in Brazil are growing at a considerable rate. The leisure sector is growing at a rate of 10% and is expected to continue for ten years. This growth has been stimulated by an increase in funding from £84 million in 2001 to £1.3 billion in 2012.

There are opportunities for UK companies in all areas of the Brazilian marine sector.

Contact Sector Manager for information on the marine sector.


Infrastructure sector – Airports, Rail and Ports

Construction men Pic

Improving Brazil’s infrastructure is critical to maintaining the growth of the economy. Urban mobility is another focus, responding to the demands of a growing population.

There are opportunities for UK companies with technologies and innovative products in either of these areas.

Contact Sector Manager for more information on the airports, rail and ports sectors.


Source - UKTI


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